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Branded, Part II: The Signalman

As part of the Reconstruction brand, we wanted to integrate unique and historically accurate visuals from the Reconstruction era into our designs, and almost nowhere is that more apparent than in the illustration that graces the front of our coffee packaging, the Signalman.

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Branded, Part I: Our Main Logo

By now, you've probably noticed the gorgeous logos, characters, and design work that makes up the Reconstruction Coffee Roasters branding. Every piece of that is thanks to an incredibly talented graphic designer named Nathan Oser, who has been working with us from the beginning in order to develop the right visual brand for our company. We’re so grateful to be working with Nathan, because he doesn’t just make incredible visual designs–though let’s be clear, he absolutely does make incredible visual designs–but he also works harder than anyone else to make sure he really understands the reason and purpose behind the companies and the people he designs for. We love Nathan’s Reconstruction work so much that we want to take a few...

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