Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment

The pour-over is one of our favorite coffee brewing methods: it's a simple, clean, and low-tech way to brew, and it produces a truly delicious cup of coffee.

There are several fantastic options for pour-over equipment out there, and we especially love the products made by Chemex and by Hario

Chemex, invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD to brew the PERFECT cup of coffee.  Since that time, the CHEMEX has spanned generations and the globe as an icon of American design.

History and craft are embedded in our makeup. At the CHEMEX® factory located in Massachusetts, we still inspect, polish and hand-tie each coffeemaker and cut every filter - just as we always have. 

Led by a brother and sister who grew up on the factory floor, CHEMEX® Corporation is made up of a team of people who are passionate about bringing superior brewing equipment to the global community. 

Hario, a Japanese company that was founded in 1921 as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware and that expanded to household items in 1948.