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Our commitment to quality, collaboration, and consistency is the hallmark of our wholesale relationships. You can taste it in our coffee, in every batch we roast...and it's what makes us at Reconstruction Coffee Roasters the best partners to help reimagine and reignite your coffee program. 

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"Chef Rob's Favorite St. Louis Things"

Chef Rob Connoley, Bulrush

Why Choose Reconstruction?


Our coffees are responsibly sourced by from generational small-lot farmers and are graded by Specialty Coffee Association-certified Q Graders. We buy from farmers who give their plants and their land the love, care, and attention that results in extraordinary heirloom coffees.


We don't have our own dedicated retail space; we're committed to roasting the right coffees to pair with the best coffee bars, cafes, and restaurants in Missouri. Whether it's Reconstruction Coffee or your own private white label brand, we're focused on crafting coffees that perfectly complement the program you've built.


We approach our wholesale pricing structure as a conversation. Your needs are different than anyone else's; your coffee program is as unique as your business. We're right there with you. We're committed to finding roasted coffee solutions that work for you. From espresso to cold brew, and everything in between, we'll work together to refine and reinvigorate your coffee program in a way that makes sense for your cash flow.


We're tireless in our pursuit of the Perfect Cup. We are forever tinkering, testing, and exploring, learning everything we can from everyone we can, working hard so that every roast will be better than the one before. Our coffee is seriously good. We'll bring you some samples so you can see for yourself.

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