"Stop and Re____" with Reconstruction Coffee Roasters

When you pick up a bag of batch-roasted Reconstruction Coffee, one of the first things you’ll notice is our Signalman, the standard-bearer of our brand, who holds his lantern straight out to the side in the old railroad signal that means, “Slow down.” The stamp beneath his light reads, “Stop and Re____,” and you might be wondering what that means.

Our question is, “What does it mean to you?

The secret of the Signalman lies within our brand story, which will be proudly printed on the back of each and every bag of Reconstruction Coffee:

"Coffee is more than a drink. It’s a ritual that brings us together. It’s a reliable comfort that gives us the time, the space, and the energy we need to reconnect with old friends; to re-make our plans; to reestablish bonds; to re-center our minds; to reflect on years past; to revive our good spirits. Coffee is a rite of community that reunites us and gives us the chance to reconstruct our worlds, each and every day.

Where will Reconstruction take you today?"