Reconstruction Coffee Roasters - A Specialty Coffee Company


Reconstruction Coffee Roasters

A Specialty Coffee Company 

Reconstruction Coffee Roasters is a woman-owned business near Washington, MO., that offers exceptional small-batch specialty coffee. We provide retail, subscription and wholesale coffee beans to discerning cafes, restaurants, markets and coffee lovers in St. Louis and across the country. In addition to our always-available customer favorites such as the Crossover Cold Brew and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe  Ethiopia Konga, Sede, Yirgacheffe – Reconstruction Coffee Roasters we create seasonal specials and limited edition roasts like our popular Whiskey-Barrel Coffee — Bootlegger Barrel-Aged Coffee - to delight coffee lovers and excite the pallets of people looking for a change from the standard flavors of big bag brands.


White Label Coffee Roasting

Reconstruction Coffee Roasters offers a white-label service for companies that want a unique coffee offering. We approach this as a collaborative partnership and invite you for a private tasting and tour of the roastery to explore the process of creating the flavor notes you desire.   


Where do our Coffee Beans Come From?

All our coffee beans are ethically grown and sustainably sourced from small farms (10 acres or less) around the globe.


We only use premium-grade beans and select them for their superior quality and flavor profiles. Our master coffee roaster carefully roasts the fresh beans in small batches using unique recipes developed by the Reconstruction team to highlight each one’s taste and aroma.


The Reconstruction Coffee Roasters Story

Dreams, combined with vision and hard work, have a way of coming true. And that’s exactly what happened when Reconstruction Coffee Roasters opened its doors in 2020. With a passion for delivering a quality product and a commitment to the highest levels of customer service, the company grew its reputation and a base of raving coffee fans.


When local entrepreneur Deb Giffin was looking for a unique coffee blend for her boutique and café, Swallows Nest, she approached Reconstruction Coffee Roasters and saw more than delicious beverages. She saw a business with potential.


“I enjoy growing small businesses and the company met my core principles,” said Deb. “It was created by a family who poured their heart into its story, branding, product and customer service. It was easy to get behind this and recognize the potential for growth”


In March 2022, Deb purchased the business and pledged to invest in its growth while holding true to the company’s foundation — providing exceptional retail and wholesale specialty coffees to hospitality and other outlets with customers hungry for the best coffee experience and taste.


Gender Equality in the Coffee Sector

Deb’s passion for business is second only to her desire to support women. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she spent more than three decades in a male-dominated corporate environment where women had to fight for recognition and advancement. Today, Deb likes to empower and provide opportunities for the women who work at her businesses and in the community.


“Women want opportunities to be recognized as equal,” said Deb. “I enjoy providing those opportunities and watching the women around me grow into successful businesswomen. Women are naturally driven and the passion they pour into their work resonates with the customers.”


There is a significant gender divide throughout the entire coffee supply chain. As the female owner of a coffee roaster that is run and operated by women and has a female coffee roaster on staff, Reconstruction is doing its small part to sway the balance toward equal opportunities for everyone.