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Roaster’s Notebook: How does barrel-aged coffee work?

I am not a scientist. That’s probably obvious if we’ve ever met. But for those of you of whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure, I want you to know, right here up front, I am not a scientist. In fact, when I’m not roasting coffee, I’m usually either teaching marketing or writing novels, so whatever the exact opposite of being a scientist is, I’m pretty close to that. I lead with this just to set expectations. I’m about to describe to you my understanding of a rather scientific process, and in case any actual scientists read this, I don’t want you to find me on Twitter and @ me about coffee bean chemistry or the molecular properties of gin-soaked...

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Erin's (slightly-biased) Guide to Grinding Coffee at Home

I hear it all the time - “I don’t want to spend time grinding coffee at home. I want to scoop, pour, push a button, and be done with it,” and I get it.  Morning can be hectic, and adding one more step to the routine can sometimes feel impossible. Buuuuuttttt, I believe if you are going to spend your hard-earned dollars treating yourself to the highest quality, sustainably-sourced, locally-roasted small batch coffee, then it makes sense to take care of those beans and get every bit of your money’s worth in delicious home brewed goodness! Second only to the quality and freshness of the beans, I believe that grinding at home before you brew is the next best way...

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Erin’s (sort-of) Simple Guide to the Hario V60 Pour Over

 There are many, many, many articles and videos online about how to chase the perfect cup of coffee through experimentation with the Hario V60 pour over set. In my opinion, here is the simplest way to begin. (I use a Hario size 2 pour over set, the same one we sell on our website.) Use your Hario glass server to measure out 500ml of water.  Pour the water into a kettle to boil. While waiting for the water to boil, place one Hario filter inside the size ceramic V-shaped dripper, then place the dripper on top of the glass server.  Put two scoops (use the scoop that comes with the dripper!) of ground coffee into the filter. Once the...

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